Meet the team

Marlo Reid-Gibson - Wedding Host
Marlo looooves weddings, and more importantly loves being married (most days). She is committed to making your ceremony flow as smoothly as possible.
Skills include: (but are not limited to): flower fluffing, candle lighting, chair moving, parking management, water girl, music cueing, cleaning, attention to the little details.
Keith loves love! Keith officiated their first wedding in 2014, and is thrilled to work together to support you as you step into commitment on the journey of growing in Love. Weddings, vow renewals, or other ceremonies: Keith will work closely with you to create the perfect ceremony to celebrate your union, and mark your special day. Keith lives in Calgary with their co-officiant, Binah, a black labrador retriever, who is learning to be a pastoral care puppy.
Keith Murray - Minister

The Costs

A Church wedding in banff or canmore

Rundle Memorial - Banff
$1700.00 [seating for 180]

Ralph Connor - Canmore
$1200.00 [seating for 90]

The wedding package includes the personal services of the wedding minister, who will help plan and carry out your ceremony, and a wedding host on your wedding day.

An Offsite christian wedding ceremony in either banff or canmore

Will be a cost of $600.00

This amount includes the personal services of the wedding minister who will help plan and officiate for your ceremony.

Other Milestones

Our commitment ceremonies go beyond marriage ceremonies and include Renewal of Marriage Vows and Anniversaries.
If you are coming up to a significant anniversary, or if your marriage has weathered some rough terrain, consider having a special ceremony to renew your marriage vows.

Baptisms - if you have children and wish to have them baptised in a Christian faith community, please contact us.